Kralle gel mini kit (6ml)

Ingrown toenail treatment

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Kralle gel mini kit (6ml)

It's a flat gel system. Just like the other gel polish, you can apply your toenails with this Kralle gel to make your curved toenails flat.

modelKralle gel mini kit (6ml)
HS code3304.30-1000
Country of Origin Korea
NOTE foot pain, toe pain, ingrown toenail, ingrown toenail removal, how to fix ingrown toenail
We highly recommend Krallegel to the below people
· Those who have difficulty in walking due to ingrown toenails
· Those who have difficulty in receiving nail care due to C-curve
· Those whose toenails keep ingrown into after every care

· Hard gel type
· Easy to use even for beginners or personally at home
· No need additional tools else
· Can be used with color gel nails

Make sure to use all of the step 1,2,3 (base, recovery, top) to take a full advantage of it Apply side and pre-edge thoroughly
1) Preparation (oil removal after surface cleaning using sanding and pusher)
2) Apply KralleGel STEP 1 base lightly and do curing it for 30 seconds (curing)
3) Apply KralleGel STEP 2 recover in a non-thick manner (1-3 times depending on the condition of the nail) and then do curing for 30 seconds (curing)
Depending on the condition of the ingrown toenail C-curve, someone feel the pain. Please adjust the number of times of recovery gel application according to the nail condition.
4) Apply Flat Gel STEP 3 non-wipe top (non-wipe top gel that does not leave uncured gel) and do curing for 30 seconds
*Caution: If STEP 1, 2, 3 gel gets on your skin, wipe it off and do curing it.

Volume: 10ml for each ( #1 - base gel, #2 - Recovery gel, #3 - Top gel)