NP-03, NUDY PINK gel polish

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Lupine gel polish NUDY pink

Real NUDY color finally comes out

4 syrup colors, NUDY pink

Only made of safe ingredients which are listed on ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary).
Boast fabulous gloss, vivid color and long-lasting

  • Why is it Lupine gel? 1. Excellent gloss and color

    Lupine gel color dosen't turn to yellow and last long while keeping its gloss and color

  • 2. Super easy to soak off

    ILupine gel is a soft gel available to soak off. It can be cured by LED and UV lamp

  • 3. Soft gel specialized for drawing

    Specialized soft gel easy to draw line and do nail art for professional nail salon and indivisual

  • 4. Long lasting

    Lupine gel is not broken to two colors and last longer than 2 weeks by one time

  • NP-01
  • NP-02
  • NP-03
  • NP-04
modelNUDY PINK gel polish
HS code3304.30-1000
WeightRepublic of Korea
Country of Origin Republic of Korea

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