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Lupine Launches Its 2022 S/S Yumyum Collection

Lupine, a premium nail brand by SJ Nail (CEO: Lee Don-jin), introduces the “Yumyum” nail polish as part of the brand’s 2022 S/S collection.

Lupine, a famous Korean nail brand that welcomes spring by releasing mood-lifting spring colors every year, is marking the coming of this year’s spring with the 2022 S/S collection composed of six pastel-tone half syrup colors reminiscent of soft and sweet desserts.

The Yumyum Collection, inspired by “sweet desserts enjoyed on a terrace under the warm sunshine,” showcases the brand’s vision and is characterized by two eye-catching colors: YY04 Light Peach, which is inspired by apricot-colored cupcakes that emanate warm spring energy, and YY05 Mango Yellow that is reminiscent of the sweet and soft scent of mango ice cream.

Other colors from the collection include YY06 Blue Soda, with a sky blue shade similar to the sweet and chilling soda-flavored lollipop that you might have enjoyed in a theme park when you were a child; YY07 Strawberry Donut, a color inspired by the king of spring fruits: strawberry; and YYO8 Blueberry Macaron, with the purple hue of fresh blueberries dazzling in the morning dew.

Last but not least, YYG09 Star Candy is a glitter polish that mimics the sparkle of stars sparkling in the night sky. Lupine Yumyum Collection reflects the colors of various desserts and shows the ultimate sweetness in the product.

Lupine officials said that Yumyum Collection is a perfect pastel-tone palette of spring colors that look gorgeous and soft. “It can be used daily for all seasons, not just spring and summer, as well as on nail art.”

For more details on the new Lupine Yumyum Collection, you can visit any 1004 Nail shops or 1004 Nail’s official online store.